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16 July 2007 @ 10:31 pm
I guess it's my turn  
Mine is the final welcome- after which, we shall have to get down to business and start work on reading and critiquing fictions.

I suppose one could call me the Creator. Since completing a fiction writing course at university earlier this year, I was impressed with the possibilities of having a group of people dedicated to the production and improvement of fiction and one that also understood the benefits of fiction as expression. Unfortunately, the group I was obliged to participate in because of the course fell far below expectations and I knew that to see any kind of growth as a writer, I had to seek out a more determined and interesting writing group. And a more literate one too, frankly.

Which led me here. Trine and Lindsey are old friends from the days of 'Alias' fandom, when I used to write 'Alias' fanfic and had a modest following. In seeking out support for my then-still conceptual group, I looked to two people I knew had the same feelings about literature and fiction writing as me. It didn't hurt that both of these individuals are also very dear to me and we get along like a rank novice with adjectives!

So that's my intentions and a short background of my relationship with the other founders. Now for a little on me.

My career aspirations at present are to write historical romances professionally. I've been a dedicated reader of the genre for years and really undertook fanfiction as a means of cutting my teeth, so to speak.

Growing up, I was a prolific reader (I have less time for it nowadays) and the constant immersion in novels of various fiction genres (post-apocalyptic fantasy, straight fantasy, sci-fi, fantasci, cyber punk, spy thrillers, political satire, 'the classics', romance, romantic thrillers and the occasional chick-lit tome) had the inevitable effect of instilling in me a deep love of language, written or otherwise, and the correct forms of such.

As to my personal life, I am a 19 year old (resigned) Australian of mixed Maltese-Anglo heritage. I'm currently in the second year of my Bachelor of Arts and I study at La Trobe University, Melbourne. I am the proud mother of a collection of James Bond memorabilia and my list of what I would need to survive on a desert island is as follows:
*My beloved boyfriend
*My laptop; with its music, internet and MS Word
*Apple and pear puree
*Vanilla milkshakes
*Fresh bread every day
*Western civilization