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01 July 2007 @ 02:01 pm
Rules Post  
Time for the rules post


While everyone is free to submit their own works for the consideration of the community without fear of discourtesy or disrespect (which consequently will not be tolerated), some consideration must be given to spelling, punctuation, grammar and content. That said, the moderators of this community do not seek to censor members and request only that a warning is given in the event of works containing explicit content.

There is no set word limit regarding posted material, but members should bear in mind that this is not a manuscript reading service and that no one likes to be obliged to review exceedingly large slabs of work for ‘fun’. In submitting work for consideration, members should contemplate how much they would be comfortable reading and how much time they would set aside for reading the work of other members.

Members may post passages from the work of others, but MUST give full credit to the author. Failure to do so will result in posting privileges being revoked.

The correct format for posting work is to give the necessary details of the piece- such as the author’s name, title (and if relevant, the page numbers from the book and possibly a date of publication)- and then to put the text from the piece in a cut (you put before the start and then </ l j-cut> after the end). Please do not use a link instead of posting the passage or piece, even for short songs or poems.

It is imbalanced and unreasonable for members to post without reviewing the works of other members or at least contributing to discussions. Please consider adopting a 1:3 ratio for posting- at least 3 comments concerning another members posts for every post of your own work or own find.

Finally, despite issues of timing, at least one moderator should be able to respond to emailed queries or complaints at all times, so members should not hesitate to contact them.