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Ce Magnific- A Writing Community For Original Fics
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The aim of this community is to facilitate the reading and writing of original fictions, including non-reality-based (fictional) literature, song lyrics and poetry.

Writing members can submit their own work (either literature, song lyrics or poetry) to the group for the consideration of other members and to engender some constructive criticism, while other members may choose to submit passages from their favourite published fictions.

Most of all, this group is intended to promote discussion about original fiction that will make possible a deeper understanding of the ‘message’ authors attempt to convey in fiction through their choice of words and through genre conventions and to enable members writing skills and literary appreciation to improve through enjoyable means!

The moderators of this group are all experienced writers and in some cases, artists; hailing from such diverse regions as British Columbia in Canada, Fredericia in Denmark and Melbourne in Australia. All enjoy reading new works, cherishing the old and still dabble in writing every now and then.

Note: the purview of this community is not concerned with any of the numerous fandoms out there, so please keep fanfictions to other writing groups that deal with them.
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